Mozilla and Connected Devices

   The “Internet of things” (IoT) is a concept, an increasingly growing topic of conversation, with a major potential to impact how we work and live.

Everything is connected around us. This revolution has already started and it will be bigger than previous technology revolutions, including the mobile smartphone revolution. Internet of Things, as many call it today, will fundamentally affect all of us.

— Ari Jaaksi – Mozilla Senior Vice President, Connected Devices

   In December of last year, Mozilla decided to shift focus to Connected Devices and these days Mozilla officially confirmed that the arrival of Firefox 2.6 in May will mark the last release of Firefox OS supported on smartphones. Meanwhile, Boot to Gecko, which was what Firefox OS was rebranded from, continues to live on as an open source operating system.


It’s time for new challenges!

Mozilla will concentrate at the beginning, on four Internet of Things projects. These projects have a clear focus on user rights and privacy.

Link (also known as Foxlink)

A personal user agent that is under the full control of the user. Basically, it helps you interact with your connected devices and may automate certain tasks for you.

Project Link aims to be your own, personal user agent for the smart home, creating a web of things that is completely yours. Instead of entrusting your data to a third party, your Link agent understands your preferences for how you want to interact with the world of devices in your home, and can even automate your connected world for you. All of this still done conveniently and securely, but completely under your control.


SensorWeb wants to advance Mozilla’s mission to promote the open web when it evolves to the physical world. It aims to find the easiest path from sensors to open data so contributors can collaboratively use sensors to get great detail of understanding their living environment.

Smart Home

Project Smart Home offers a middle ground between “in a box” solutions like Apple Homekit and DIY solutions like Raspberry Pi. Combining modular, affordable hardware with easy-to-use rules, Smart Home empowers people to solve unique everyday problems in new and creative ways.


Mozilla wants to create an open voice interface that developers, device makers and end users can utilize.

Vaani aims to bring a voice to the Internet of Things (IoT) using open, Mozilla-backed technologies. We believe a voice interface is the most natural way to interact with connected devices, but currently, there are no open solutions available at scale. With Vaani, we plan to offer an “IoT enabler package” to developers, device makers, and end users who want to add a voice interface to their devices in a flexible and customizable way, while avoiding the need to “lock-in” with one of the major commercial players.


   Mozilla is looking for contributors for all these projects and says those interested can contact their connected devices participation team for more information.

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