About OSOM

OSOM New Logo 2.1.1

OSOM – Open Source Open Mind –  a non-profit organization, is design to reveal the general Open Source and Free Software concepts, the differences between the two trends and the types of licenses used in this area, to demonstrate that Open Source and Free Software is a valid replacement or complement to proprietary software.

Beyond this, OSOM conference tries to promote these open and free concepts in other fields, covering but not limited to, business, media and education.

This is an event where you can find the latest trends, learn about new technologies and all the hot topics in IT and Open Source / Free Software.

OSOM was founded by Marcela ONIGA in October 2010. Also co-founders are Laurentiu CIOVICA and Liviu CIOVICA.

For further information, please use the contact form or email us to contact@osom.ro.

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