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When Open Source and Open Minds align


avatar for Marcela Oniga   Marcela Oniga - OSOM Founder
Bio: I am an enthusiastic Linux user, proud Mozillian and a big fan of Open Source philosophy.


Developer communities, cloud IDEs and open source. A case study

avatar for Stefan Cosma   Stefan Cosma – Koding
Bio: Web builder extraordinaire, community manager / developer @koding, developer @sensmedia! WordPress handler, speaker, maker of awesome open source projects!


 Database Magic(TM)

avatar for Doru Ilasi   Doru Ilasi

Bio: Consultant, data architect and developer with strong technical background in system administration and application development.Knowledge and experience involving database architecture, software development, client/server RDBMS tehchnology design.
Always interested to get involved in RAD/IDE client server tools & concepts.
FLOSS advocate and community builder.
Specialties:Database architect, RDBMS technologies, SQL, Delphi, ERP/SCM/BI software, system administration.


Flowy, Simple Workflows

severbanesiu Sever Banesiu – 3Pillar Global Romania

Bio: Long time Python developer, building large scale websites for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), an American broadcast television network.



Speedy – Web Application Framework

  Markus Mahlberg

Bio: Being a freelance consultant and entrepreneur with some 20 years of experience in system administration and design, he wrote Speedy out of personal preferences and thought it might be useful for others.


Coffee Break




Invest in the future, build for the web

Keynote Speaker

avatar for Soledad Penadés   Soledad Penadés - Senior Engineer Mozilla

Bio: By day, Soledad works at Mozilla’s Apps Engineering team, building and helping people build Open Web Apps. By evening, night and sometimes dawn, she makes music and things to make more music, or simply listens to music, learns about weird musical instruments, and tries to replicate them with JavaScript.


Next Step in Automation: Elastic Build Environment

Keynote Speaker

avatar for Kohsuke Kawaguchi   Kohsuke Kawaguchi – Jenkins creator, CTO CloudBees

Bio: Kohsuke Kawaguchi is the creator of Jenkins. He is a well-respected developer and popular speaker at industry and Jenkins community events. He’s often asked to speak about his experience and approach in creating Jenkins; a CI platform that has become a widely adopted and successful community-driven open source project. The principles behind the Jenkins community – extensibility, inclusiveness, low barriers to participation – have been the keys to its success. Kawaguchi’s sensibilities in creating Jenkins and his deep understanding of how to translate its capabilities into usable software have also had a major impact on CloudBees’ strategy as a company.


Open Source and Scale at Twitter

Keynote Speaker

avatar for David Lester   David Lester – Open Source Advocate, Developer Twitter

Bio: Dave Lester is an Open Source Advocate and Engineer at Twitter. He is a committer to both Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora, and has a deep interest in open source and distributed systems. Prior to Twitter, he worked at Mozilla and earned a Masters degree from the UC Berkeley School of Information.



Coffee Break & Networking



Open Panel Discussions

Networking, Open Panel, Q&A, Meet the community


avatar for Marcela Oniga   Marcela Oniga


avatar for David Lester   David Lester
Open Source Advocate, Developer Twitter

avatar for Soledad Penadés   Soledad Penadés
Senior Engineer, Mozilla

avatar for Kohsuke Kawaguchi Kohsuke Kawaguchi

CTO, CloudBees, Jenkins creator




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