How OSOM was that ?

How OSOM was that ?

This is the question we wanted to hear when we left the conference room from the first

edition, back in 2010. We heard it was not as much as we wanted, but it was a beginning.

It was a good start, a very fun road for us, since then, with a lot of work, a lot of crazy

ideas, many more we didn’t even put them in action, we wait for the right moment and

for the right crowd. When we started, we started with a crazy idea, open technology,

and with the belief that technology should be accessible to everyone, to every need, to

any purpose. We wanted to create a living technological ecosystem, where everyone

could come and present his ideas, to talk about them, to grow them into something

meaningful, useful for all of us, “Innovation without need is sterile” – as one of the

co-founders  would say, we strongly believe that innovation

is accessible only through collaboration, only through sharing ideas with one another

and this conference is all about sharing ideas and experiences from different fields of

work and different cultures to reshape our technological needs. Future endeavours for

us, as a community, is to help other communities to grow and to develop and sustain

educational programs. Future technologies deserve a good and strong educational

programs and together we can give this, we can build this to last. Join our community

and make a difference.

This year is the fifth edition, with more depth and more clarity about the road to come for

us and for the conference. This is the year when we reinvent ourselves, we reinvent the

conference with 3 important speakers Kohsuke Kawaguchi – Jenkins creator, CloudBees

CTO, Soledad Penadés – Senior Engineer Mozilla, Dave Lester – Developer Advocate at


Join us on 22 November at Cluj Arena, between 11 AM and 5 PM. Join the community

and spread the word #OSOMReinvent


 Article written by Diana Capraru

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