Richard Stallman arrives in Romania for the launch of Fundatia Ceata

fundatia_ceata On February 22 at 2.00 PM Fundatia Ceata is organizing in Bucharest a public event which marks its incorporation. During its almost 5 years of existence Ceata has activated as informal group, fighting for computer users’ freedom. The launch event will take place in Aula Magna, Faculty of Law (ro. Facultatea de Drept), University of Bucharest.

Fundatia Ceata is bringing a special guest to this event, dr. Richard M. Stallman, the founder of the GNU project and president of the Free Software Foudnation. Since 1983 until now, Richard Stallman is the main promoter of the computer user freedoms. He will give a nontechnical speech entitled „Free Software and Your Freedom” and will talk about the Free Software Movement and how important is that users have the freedom to cooperate and control their own computer.

The event will be opened by a short speech of Tiberiu C. Turbureanu, the founder and president of Fundatia Ceata, followed by the speech of Richard M. Stallman. The event is supported by the Faculty of Political Science as part of The Sponge project. The participation is gratis, registration-free and open to everyone.

Fundatia Ceata began its activity in June 2008 in Bucharest as an informal group. In the years that had come, Ceata has formed a diverse Romanian community with the purpose of liberating the users from restrictions in art and technology. Ceata has organized many events in Bucharest and other cities from Romania and Chi?in?u (Kishinev) from Republic of Moldova devoted to promoting user freedoms. Ceata has also organized projects aimed at writing computer programs and art works under free licenses. The projects and events organized by Ceata include “Fii liber” (Be free) on-line publication and programming and translation sessions, conferences and presentations. In 2012 Ceata community members have organized local teams in Republic of Moldova and Cluj.

The same way “GNU” is a recursive acronym which stands for “GNU’s Not Unix”, “Ceata” stands for “Ceata elibereaz? artele ?i tehnologiile actuale” (“Ceata liberates modern arts and technologies”).

This announcement can be used under the Free Culture license CC-BY-SA.

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