OSOM 4 EvolutiON


“OSOM 4 Evolution was awesome”, this was the first impression after event. We had interesting topics, great people and cool talks. Thanks again to all open source communities that were present: Mozilla, ROSEdu, openSUSE, Drupal and Fedora. Ubuntu community was not there this year, but they supported us and for that they deserve our thanks.

If someone has something to share, some impressions or suggestions for our future events, please send us an email contact@osom.ro, any comments are welcomed.

This event was organized with support from Adobe, SoftVision, EBS, Crystal System , Omeron Technologies and Pensacola Tech. Also ForumIT is our Media Partner and they promoted us on TV and of course Starbucks coffee rock our event every time!

Stay tuned for more OSOM editions and more fun tech!


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