OSOM EvolutiON Air

We are preparing our next event - OSOM EvolutiON – to be much more interactive, we want to have involved as many “open source lovers” as possible.

Save the date : February 15, 2013 

Location: Adobe Systems Romania. BD Timisoara, 26Z, Anchor Plaza, 6th floor , Bucharest

View Anchor Plaza in a larger map

You are all invited to the conference, but if you cannot be there from some reason you’ll also have the chance to join the conference remotely, broadcasting live, it will be an OSOM EvolutiON Air.

Mozilla, ROSEdu, openSUSE, Moodle , Drupal and Fedora communities will be our special guests!

Register here: http://osomevolution.eventbrite.com/#

The schedule will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

OSOM EvolutiON Air


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