OSOM V3.0 Topics and Feedback

First of all thank you all for participating at OSOM V3.0 Back to the roots. Here are the topics from event as we promised.

How Open Source Can Be Your Business
Cloud Computing
Ruby on Rails
Videomapping-Banffy castle Viskin Projection

Building a Community
Boot to gecko
Hacking Gaia
Rogentos Linux

We want to thank to Mihai Jalobeanu for sending us some thoughts for event. You can find here the presentation. And a presentation about Linux in Education can be found here.

Also we want to thank once again to the event partners:

…and wish for them to support us in organization of the future OSOM editions.

Below you can find a form that can be used by anyone who has attended OSOM V3.0 Conference to let us know your thoughts and opinions on every aspect of the event. We can only continued to improve the conferences through the feedback of those who attended so every opinion is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you!

Click here to take survey for OSOM V3.0

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