What is Open Source?

Below you can find the Open Source definitions from OSOM Contest :)

“Open Source – The best way from involution to evolution.” – Marius Corici

“The responsible conduct in achieving common goals” – Nicolaie Constantinescu

“Open Source – the ultimate freedom for the masses!” – Paval Vlad

“Open Source is like eating a good meal and at the same time, you can read how to prepare.” – Balaban Dan

“An open source leaves room for improvement.” – Mihai Ioan Baba

by coMmunity” – Doru

“Open Source = the pure bliss of freedom experienced while using, building or customizing your dreams” – Daniel I. Serbanescu

“Open Source is a philosophy, is a way of life” – Alin

“Open Source = a means for building yourself a place to hide and still be easily found by anyone.” – Florentina

“Open source is the road from nothing to everything.” – Paul

“Open Source is about sharing your work, and showing not only WHAT you built but also HOW you built whatever you built. It’s the only way to try to make it closer to perfect, by inviting everyone to join you in a continous journey of improving an idea already started. More than this, it is not only for a particular consumer, it’s for everyone’s interest, instead.” – Sebi

“Open Source is like parenting: Be a better person, learn as much as you can and share with your kids(peers) so they carry the torch from the point you left it at the end of your days. Next generation will be a better world than yours because you shared information” – Erhard

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